Monday, September 06, 2010

Günter Temech (1942 - 2010) - fellow street vendor and friend, in memoriam RIP

Günther Temech 

(1942 - 2010)

A fellow street vendor, Gunther Temech, died.

Any fellow vendors reading this,
please come to
Gunther Temech's memorial


The Village Funeral Home
199 Bleeker Street

It's between MacDougal and Sixth Avenue

Tuesday September 7th 2010

2pm to 5pm and 7pm to 9pm

It's easy to get to.

His wife picked this funeral home so his friends and fellow street vendors could come.

The following day, Wednesday, September 8th 2010, will be his funeral at Woodlawn Cemetery, The Bronx.

If one goes by subway Woodlawn Cemetery is the last stop on the 4 Line. The Cemetery is opposite the subway station. If one goes to The Village Funeral Home, the funeral procession will leave The Village Funeral Home about 10 am Wednesday September 8th morning for Woodlawn. A fellow vendor has space for 3 people in their van, if you do not have transport.

Please tell your fellow street vendors this news so we can honor one of our own. Please pass this information on. As many who can come would be appreciated.
Gunther died Tuesday August 30th of an aneurysm in a hospital in Albany. He was upstate with his wife, Julia.

Here is a some of his art.

Maybe after the funeral, if anyone wants, we can all get together for a beer or a cup of coffee.


The Lost Supper/The Last Generation Paperback – 1990

In my 24 years of knowing Gunther, who was from Austria, he was a thoughtful, easy-going, incredibly hard-working, unpretentious, good man. He worked six days a week for decades. It was always a pleasure to chat with him. I am proud to know about his three beautiful daughters, Marisol (a Yale graduate), Mia, Sarah and his loving wife, Julia. He kept true to his vision as an artist.

Somehow, throughout the years, Gunther always managed to be a steady, level-headed person, kind to others. I'm so sad he died younger than expected. My loving condolences to
his daughters, wife, fellow street vendors and friends.

Left to right
Günter Temech, George McNeill, , Phil Demise Smith, David Zimmer, Herm Freeman, Alan.